How to File a Personal Income Tax Credit Online

After applying for a personal credit online and settling your debts, or otherwise facing an emergency that has arisen, a question arises that is quite common: how do I declare this entry on my income tax. See for an illustration

The issue of taxes is always a headline issue and a little fear and noise, as our tax laws are incomprehensible and we live in a country where taxes accumulate and do not bring visible results. The image of the Lion also does not help create something positive in the minds of Brazilians.

Going back to the specific case of how to declare a personal credit online, the process is not difficult, but it requires your attention to some details.

Online personal credit on your income tax return

Online personal credit on your income tax return

There are some considerations to make before you even declare your extra income tax credit. Are they:

  • All loans above 5,000 USD must be reported to the IRS
  • Loans will be reported in the Debts and Real Burdens section, but the code will vary. For personal credit granted by a bank, the code is 11. For credit societies, the code is 12. For companies that are not banks or credit unions, the code is 13.
  • The outstanding balance, which needs to be reported, is nothing more than the loan amount minus the amount already paid by December 31 of the previous year. And in the discrimination, it must be informed why this credit was requested.

That done, the whole process is regular and there is nothing to fear. If you still don’t have total security, talk to an accountant to follow through on the creation of your income tax so you don’t have to worry about fines.

Is there a difference from online to traditional?

Is there a difference from online to traditional?

In the income tax aspect, the answer is no. Astro Finance, with its website and system, will put you in touch with credit companies that best fit your needs, either at the requested amount or the time required to pay.

Your personal credit online then is nothing more than an operation that will have to be explained using code 12, as we informed above.

The difference for income tax does not exist. But for you this change will be very important and clear.

The benefit of using Astro Finance

The benefit of using Astro Finance

With the calculator on our site you will immediately start with a sense of how much you will pay to remedy the credit request. Once you have accepted the numbers and officially started the process, it will be analyzed very quickly and quickly.

This is because the whole process is done from your home, from your computer, and our prerequisites are quite simple: you must be between 18 and 65 years old, resident in Brazil and have an income consistent with your request. The intention with this is to create micro loans – between 500 USD and 50 thousand USD – that are easy to pay and easily repaid.

If your request is approved, and chances are high, our credit partners will contact you and complete the process by placing the money in your account within a few days. So you can use the money for whatever you need. But be sure to pay attention and declare this personal credit online in your income tax.

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